The Lost Purse Success

lost_purse_imdb_poster Of my three slated short films, the first one that I started was the last one finished.  It was The Lost Purse and was the only one of the films that was produced by me so I had not set any deadlines that I did not think we could attain.  All I wanted was the film to be as good as it could be, not to have it finished by a certain time.  Early spring there was a deadline for a film fest I was interested in sending The Lost Purse to, but the music wasn’t quite right.  So rather than rush the process I said to Frank (MacDonald – films composer) to take his time and get what we needed.  The film was finally finished by the end of July.  For me personally there may come a time where I have to learn to be a bit more aggressive towards deadlines, but at this point it was not and I feel like the film has been rewarded for it’s patience.

The only deadline we did aim for was the Action on Film Festival. We had submitted to this Los Angeles Festival and based on the work in progress film was selected to play at the festival.  The young star of the film, Declan-Michael Laird is studying at the Stella Adler Academy in LA and was in attendance for the films World Premiere at the Krarkorian Theatre in LA.  I was unable to go, but Declan got the chance to see the film on the big screen and represent the film at the festival.  I also learned that The Lost Purse was the first European film to have played at the Action on Film Festival.

aw002 Our next success for the film was with the Write, Camera, Action Awards Night at Cineworld Cinemas in Glasgow.  The film played alongside 11 other short films and music videos.  The film picked up awards for Best Director, Actor, Music, Film and Audience award for favourite films.

The film is now in consideration for selection on some film festivals.  I will not say which ones as I don’t want to talk about what hasn’t happened yet.  I will up date the blog as soon as there is more success for the film.