Your Number’s Up

Ok, so it’s been a while since my first post. As I said I am not a writer as such, but a director more so. I’ve recently finished my first short film since completing The Crews. Your Number’s Up is a short film produced by Andy Cassells at Moniton Pictures and the first film from The Write, Camera, Action ! Initiative.

I was proud to have been asked to do the first short film for WCA. As an avid participant I attend monthly workshops. If I was an athlete or when I play basketball I attend a practice every week. This is an equivalent of me getting in practice in direction. WCA is a great place where you can experiment and practice your skills as a director, mainly working with the actors and script in this case.

WCA recently moved into producing shorts, so it has become a great place for grass roots film-makers to develop their skills.

If interested please check out the trailer for Your Number’s Up starring Andrew McIntosh and Kelly Love. This is the third project I’ve worked on with Andrew, who was a real trooper for this uncomfortable filming process. It was my first time working with Kelly Love, who is now living large in sunny LA studying at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Your Number’s Up is set in seedy Glasgow and tells the story of fresh faced drug dealer who is is about to go through the daunting prospect of his first drug deal.

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