Reservoir Dugs Online

Ok with very little activity over the past six months it seems like my films are like buses; You wait ages for them and then three come along at once.  In July of this year I put together a homage of the opening scene of Reservoir Dogs in celebration of its 21st Birthday.  It was a great time to do it and I had always wanted to see what Taranino’s classic film would have felt like with Glasgow Accents.  So here it is, now available on Youtube!

You may wonder why this was done by me?  It’s not an Original film, but it was more about having some fun and seeing if a story that was made popular in America could be adapted.  I think Scotland has a wealth of talent and we have so many movie stars and acting talent that there’s no reason we as a country should not be able to produce some quality films. I often wonder if some movies would have worked set in Scotland, such as Law Abiding Citizen starring Gerard Butler.  Years ago we only had really one big movie star, Sean Connery, but times have a changed.  So hopefully that will change soon with some new films on the Horizon from Scottish companies like Filth and Sunshine on Leith.  I hope to see more Scottish films coming out that can perform well locally and Globally.

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