Colin Ross Smith has a reputation on the Scottish Independent Film circuit for creating ultra-stylish short films. Gifted with a rogue imagination and a passion to push hard to provide his audience with films that are unrushed and relaxed yet superbly paced with Hollywood-gangster-inspired plots or personal indie-dramas, his subtle blend of humour and violence invites a rare closeness that is both frightening and alluring.

Under the banner of his own production company Foghorn Films, he has found Scotland a beautiful, secretive and oppressively stunning setting for his thought-provoking stories, which have been accoladed for having a strong sense of real time whilst still retaining a neo-noirish feel.

His bold experimentation with different kinds of films and forms has been successful in creating a TV pilot, The Crews, which evolved from one short film, was later released online as a web series to stimulate public and media interest before being picked up to play on STV Glasgow and Edinburgh, demonstrating that a buzz could be created without a big budget.