I always enjoyed movies and TV shows growing up, but it wasn’t until I was at College when I had a thought in my head “Maybe I should try and be a film-maker?”

When I was at school I had originally wanted to be a PE Teacher, but I never had the grades. However, round about the same time I became interested in the TV Show Stargate and I was really ingesting Indiana Jones from the movies and the TV show that I started reading into Archaeology and Mythology.  I decided then as I left School with only one Higher, and that was in RE, that I would go to College to get my grades and go and study Archaeology.  However, six months into the courses there I realised that I was more interested in making these types of films.  And that thought came into my head, that I wanted to learn how to make films.

I went on to do the TV Operations Course at Cardonald College in 2001.  I learned how to use a camera, record the sound, edit on the edit suites and learned the basic fundamental skills, but I failed the courses on the written exams.

So in 2004 I left the College still with no qualifiations and continued my job at the Woolworths to save up for an editing computer.  I felt that because I had failed my TV course nobody was going to give me money to make films so I was going to have to do it on my own.  So I started by helping out in other short films for some experience, I practiced my editing by making fan made movie trailers and eventually I made my first short film, Darkness in 2006.  This led to working on other shorts such as The Hitchhiker, Sandwich and The Battlestar Galactica Short Film.

Then along with fellow film-maker Kolin Ferguson we made a TV Pilot for a potential series, based upon my short film Sandwich.  This Pilot was called The Crews and starred Robert Harrison and Jim Sweeney.  However, we were unable to tempt any TV stations to fund or commission the show, so it was time to move on.

I continue onward and upwards and will keep making films, long or short because I love making films.  Why else do we do it?