Short Films

The Lost Purse (2012)
The Lost Purse follows the story of a young boy who comes across a beautiful young girl sat across from him on a train journey. As she leaves the train she drops her purse, the young boy spots it and attempts to catch her, but the train doors close before he can. He must find a way to return the lost purse to this girl.

The Waster (2012)
Jeffrey Matthews is a promising writer, but he has two problems; writers block and an anal girlfriend who hates seeing him waste his life away. The Waster was written by Mark Loftus and made in conjunction with Write, Camera, Action who put Mark and I together to shoot the film with Luke Aherne producing.

Your Number’s Up (2012)
Michael, played by Andrew McIntosh, is a new to the drug business and is all set for his first deal, but when his partner fails to show up he is left to deal with the consequences of the deal on his own. Produce by Andy Cassels in conjunction with the Write, Camera, Action! Short Film Competition.

Sandwich (2009)
Robert Harrison plays Tommy Granger, one of Glasgow’s most notorious Gangsters until he quit the life ten years ago. Now Living the Quiet life and reunited with his Sister and niece, trouble comes along when two boys who work for one of Tommy’s are attacked by two thugs. It’s up to Tommy to do something about it.

The Hitchhiker (2008)
Ken Gawne Plays A Hitchhiker making his way through the countryside of Scotland looking for his girlfriend.  He is picked up by a traveling salesman who is happy to give him a lift on his search.  However as they journey on, and the hitchhiker speaks with the driver he finds out that there is more to this mysterious driver than meets the eye.

Battlestar Galactica: By Your Command (2007)
This short was produced for the Battlestar Galactica Competition on the Sci-Fi Channel Website.  Our four minute effort stars Lisa Gardner and Paul Birchard.  Three engineers, accompanied by a marine are plunged into darkness when there is a power cut during a routine maintenance mission.

Darkness (2006)
Darkness was the first short film I ever directed.  It stars Ross Maxwell & Jim Sweeney, is set in Russia and is the story of Dimitri, a young Russian who finds an unwelcome visitor at his door one day.