The Hitchhiker

-Synopsis/Tagline: Ken Gawne (Treasure of the Templars) plays The Hitchhiker on the hunt for his girlfriend after she disappears one day. The Hitchhiker heads out into the country to find her, but is it wise for him to hitchhike with reports of a vicious highway killer on the loose?…

-Background Info: The Hithhiker was developed and written by Joe McCardle. After Joe met up with Ken Gawne and Paul McCabe at an acting course at the G-Mac in Glasgow I was drafted in to help out in the directed department by Ken Gawne after he saw the finished cut of Darkness. It was a small team consisting of myself and the three actors. We all pitched in by recording sound and helping setting up lighting. There was no make-up or no sound recordists or production assistants on this one. Just a director, a three actors and a roll of duct tape.

-Status: Completed

-Length: 14 Mins