The Lost Purse

lost_purse_imdb_poster -Story: The Lost Purse follows the story of a young boy who comes across a beautiful young girl sat across from him on a train journey. As she leaves the train she drops her purse, the young boy spots it and attempts to catch her, but the train doors close before he can. He must find a way to return the lost purse to this girl.

-Background Info: The Lost Purse was a script I wrote round about 2007. i planned it as a project that told a story without the use of dialogue. I had planned the film to be shot on a train guerilla style, but with the bulky cameras of the day it seemed not very practical. However with the advent of DSLR video technology I was able to take to the field and film this little short with subtlety.

-Status: Complete

-Length: 12 Mins


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Test Shoot:
In preparation for The Lost Purse shoot I went out with camera and my two cast members to film some test footage with the camera. Here were the results of that shoot.