The Waster

000 -Story: Jeffrey Matthews is a promising writer, but he has two problems; writers block and an anal girlfriend who hates seeing him waste his life away. Jeff thinks he can continue living this slobbish lifestlye forever, but it seems that he is about to learn that this is not the case.

-Background Info: The Waster was written by Mark Loftus whose script “Cloud 9″ jointly won the Write, Camera, Action! Short script competition 2011 (WCA). The Waster was also entered, but was a runner up. Linda Campbell of WCA sent me the script and it struck a chord with me as it was not like any of my usual gritty crime films I’ve done in the past. It became a chance to do a light comedy mixed with a bit of black and white film noir. The film was completed early in 2012 and is now being submitted to Film Festivals for consideration.

-Status: Completed

-Length: 12 Mins


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