Short Films
Colin has a number of shorts to his name since 2006, ranging from the from Russian thriller Darkness to Scottish Gangster film, Sandwich. Having completed 4 shorts, he took a break to develop TV Pilot, The Crews, but has since finishing has stepped up to directing a few shorts in 2011.

The Crews
“The Crews” is an online web series that originally started out life as a feature length TV pilot that was based upon his short film, Sandwich. The pilots were produced on a shoe string budget, written by Kolin Ferguson and Colin, it starred Robert Harrison and Jim Sweeney in the lead roles.

Music Videos
Colin has directed a small number of music videos for indie bands in Glasgow. His first video was for Dark Little Poet and featured a Travis style story that book-ended and ran throughout the video. He has also produced videos for Wull the Thief and Simon Lynch.