Music Videos

Simon Lynch – The Life of a Busker (2011)
Simon Lynch’s positively upbeat song about the Life of a Busker was filmed on one of the hottest days of the year on Glasgow’s Buchanan Street. The video tells the story of a lowly busker who, although is living on the breadline is happier than larry, with his main concern the feeding of his sidekick, Charlie.

Passacaglia (2008)
Created as a visual piece for Yvonne Lynch’s end of year show. Yvonne is a highly professional make-up artist and asked me to film a small video presentation for her. The piece was created especially for Yvonne to demonstrate her skills in make up artistry and costume in the medium of film for her final presentation..

Wull the Thief – Walking Through The Streets (2007)
Wull the Thief’s classic rock video was very much as a run and gun style shoot. Shot on a shoe string the music video features footage from a live concert at ABC2, inter cut with shots of Wull Walking through the streets of Glasgow, playing with his band in his house and in the recording studio.

Dark Little Poet – The Story Of (2007)
Dark Little Poet’s video “The Story Of…” features a story about a boy who must race across the city to catch up with the girl of his dreams who has went off for an audition, but accidentally dropped her audition tape. Features Chris Summers, Joy McAvoy and Joe Cassidy.